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VIP program

Know More About Our

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VIP Program

Some intended parents look for additional support and amenities during the surrogacy process. Our VIP Program expands our standard offerings for intended parents who seek services, support and guidance outside of our traditional surrogacy programs during their journey.

VIP program for parents looking to have a baby through surrogacy is ideal for intended parents who are looking for the luxury of a customized experience and additional support.

This surrogacy program allows intended parents to work one-on-one with an experienced team member for the coordination of their entire journey. Parents who choose the VIP program have the ability to personalize their surrogacy experience with additional management and support. There is not a standard VIP Program, intended parents create their own unique surrogacy journey.

Please contact us to learn more about our VIP Program.

In what is the ultimate journey experience, our VIP Program provides intended parents with:

The surrogacy process can be overwhelming at first. Some intended parents prefer to be more involved in the process with their journey coordination team, while others would rather work with a single point of contact and have the opportunity for extra support. We have programs that fit everyone’s needs.